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What is the Energy family?

The Energy family features herbal teas powered by essential vitamins and minerals, to boost your energy and help you to feel your best.

With increasing nutritional demands being put on our bodies – whether that’s everyday emotional pressure and worries, or environmental factors such as pollution and toxic exposure, we often find ourselves faced with low energy levels and searching for a boost and a way to relieve some tension.

At Pukka, we have extracted the best of nature’s plant foods to help provide everyday support from organic ingredients. Our Energy teas are designed for daily consumption to help you meets life’s toughest challenges head on.

Choose from a wide range of teas to find the coffee alternative you've been seeking, or simply find the right blend to wake and invigorate you welcoming your senses back to life.

  • Our Vitalise Superblend is a rainbow of 30 everyday energising and nourishing botanicals
  • Green tea and matcha provide energy and antioxidant protection
  • Our wild American Panax ginseng strengthens the core energy of both men and women

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