• 100%

    Carbon Neutral

    in our operations and renewable energy
  • 100%

    Renewable Energy

    from British sunshine, wind and rain
  • 1%

    for the Planet

    $520,000 donated to environmental charities in 2016

Inspiring change

Our name Pukka comes from an Indian word that means genuine, authentic and top quality. When our founders Tim and Sebastian set up Pukka, they wanted to reach as many people as possible to connect them with the wonders of plants. They also wanted to create a business that would bring benefit to everyone they came into contact with. Pukka is all about using business as a force for good, creating circles of benevolence so that people, plants and the planet can all benefit.

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The Pukka Journey

  • The early days

    After a period wandering the Himalayas, Sebastian Pole studied Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western herbal medicine before working on an organic herb farm. Meanwhile, Tim Westwell was looking to step out of the corporate life and contribute to a more positive world.

  • 2001

    A meeting of two minds

    A meeting of two minds

    Sebastian answered Tim's ad in a Bristol magazine. With Tim's spare bedroom as an office and Sebastian’s kitchen as the centre of herbal alchemy, they set out on their mission to spread the benefits of herbs. 

  • 2002

    Our first three organic, fairly-traded teas

    Our first three organic, fairly-traded teas

    We introduced our first three teas based on the Ayurvedic principles of the vata, pitta, and kapha doshas. The teas went went on to become our well known blends of Mint Refresh, Relax and Revitalise.

  • 2003

    Spreading the power of herbs - through supplements

    Following many visits to India, we formulated our first 20 Ayurvedic supplements, and Tim and Sebastian embarked on a UK tour to spread their herbal wisdom.

  • 2004

    We launch Love and Detox teas and turmeric and ashwagandha supplements

    We launch Love and Detox teas and turmeric and ashwagandha supplements

    We launch four new teas, including Love and Detox. We also capture the power of turmeric and ashwagandha in the form of an organic supplement.

  • 2005

    Going international

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    Denmark became our first international venture. The Pukka team grew to eight and after four years, Tim and Sebastian got their first Pukka pay cheques.

  • 2006

    A new look and a new book

    Image for Inspiring change

    Our tea boxes got a beautiful new look.

    Image for Inspiring change

    Sebastian published his first book ‘Ayurvedic Medicine’.

  • 2007

    Tim's first trip to India

    Tim's first trip to India

    As we (still) source most of our organic herbs from India, we wanted to support our farmers by creating a farmer's guide. Tim took his first trip to India to build a school. Elsewhere, Pukka launched teas in Norway.

  • 2008

    20 million cups...

    ...of Pukka tea were enjoyed, and our teas launched in the US and Japan.

  • 2009

    Housing all that tea

    We created our first Pukka warehouse in Bristol.

  • 2010

    After Dinner winner

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    We won our first award for best organic product at the Natural & Organic Products Europe for our After Dinner tea. Sebastian published his second book: 'A Pukka Life'.

  • 2011

    Proving we have Great Taste

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    We picked up five Great Taste Awards for our teas.

  • 2012

    10 years & one billion cups of tea later...

    As Pukka celebrated its tenth Birthday, someone somewhere drank the billionth cup of Pukka tea. We were now exporting to over 30 countries.

  • 2013

    Pukka teas are FairWild certified

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    Pukka became one of the founding companies for this innovative scheme. We also won an HSBC South West Best Business award.

  • 2014

    Launch of the first matcha tea

    Launch of the first matcha tea

    We launched our first matcha tea and 218 million cups of Pukka tea were drunk this year. Pukka teas also went on sale in China.

  • 2015

    Our founders win a lifetime outstanding achievement award

    Our founders win a lifetime outstanding achievement award

    Sebastian and Tim win a Lifetime Outstanding Achievement Award at an important industry show. With the help of you, we were able to donate £200,000 to WWF to protect tigers, rhinos and elephants in the Eastern Himalayas. We also became a carbon neutral business.

  • 2016

    Fair for Life, B Corp and 1% for the Planet

    Fair for Life, B Corp and 1% for the Planet

    In 2016, all of our teas were certified Fair for Life and we became a B Company. We also pledged to commit 1% of our turnover each year to environmental charities through 1% for the Planet.

  • 2017

    Happy 15th birthday

    Happy 15th birthday

    We celebrate 15 incredible Pukka years. On average, nearly two million cups of Pukka tea are drunk every day across the world.