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18th June 2020

How Movement and Gentle Flow Impacts Your Life

In Ayurveda, there is a constant devotion to the well being of each individual, and incorporating practices that work just for you. Exercise is no exception. Our mental health, sleep quality detoxification pathways, stress response, joint and muscle health, digestion and metabolism, cardiovascular and immune system are all impacted by the quality and amount of movement and flexibility in our daily lives.

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11th March 2020

Ayurvedic winter practices to add to your daily routine

In many parts of the world, winter is a cold and damp month, and can be challenging for Vata doshas particularly. Winter is a predominantly Kapha season, with the cold, damp, heavy qualities that come with cool air, rain or snow, and cloudy days. With every season, we have the opportunity to connect and balance with the natural world that we all share, and notice how the season can serve us in our own journey towards balanced health and wellbeing. Ayurveda teaches us that like increases like, and opposites balance, and this holds true with our daily winter practices that can support us in maintaining our health this season.

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7th October 2019

Introducing Organic Herbal Lattes

Introducing organic herbal lattes. Three delicious, healthy, indulgent treats packed with organic, practitioner grade spices and adaptogenic herbs to support you throughout your day, with no added sugar in sight.

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