Turmeric and Avocado Beauty Face Mask

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For centuries, turmeric beauty masks have been used across Asia, helping to brighten the skin and make it look and feel fresh and clean.

As a strong antibacterial, this wonderspice is effective against acne and eczema. It’s antioxidant properties also help support skin rejuvenation, helping to soften lines and wrinkles and give your face a more youthful appearance.

Our own beauty mask recipe also includes avocado which contains natural oils that penetrate deep into the skin, helping to soften and hydrate.

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Prepare in
5 minutes
Cook for
5 minutes

What you do

  1. To make this simple recipe, simply mix the ingredients together to form a thick paste.
  2. Apply the paste to your face and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.