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Glow with Pukka this autumn

With its spectacular cloak of colour, autumn is like a second spring with every leaf in flower.

The change in atmosphere and temperature, moving from summer to the cooler months of September and October, doesn’t just affect climate - it affects our body and mind too. Katie Pande, our Senior Herbal Advisor shares her tips on how to prepare for the change of seasons.

We all want our summer glow to remain once those long sunny days have disappeared. Luckily there’s a colorful array of antioxidant-rich herbs and spices that are waiting to help. From turmeric to cinnamon in your teas to herbal self-care remedies, let's explore the best natural and nutritional ways to glow from the inside out.

Autumn kicks off with Organic September, a month long celebration of all things organic. At Pukka we love organic - all our teas and supplements use 100% organic herbs. Find out more about why organic is great for our health and the health and of our planet  too.

With the shorter days and longer evenings, autumn is the perfect time to restore and recharge. Suddenly the indoors looks a little more appealing and so does getting cosy in a warm house with a calming cup of tea after a long day. Keeping snug inside can make autumn a little more costly for you and also our beautiful planet. We share some simple tips on how to warm you and your home (not the planet) this autumn.

We want to know what makes you glow this autumn and we’d love it if you could share your images with us on social media tagging @pukkaherbsus. Be it a forest ablaze with leaves changing color, the calming glimmer of a candle, or foods of the season, we want to see them all.

So join us on a journey transferring the positivity and vitality of summer into the colorful months of September and October, to make this your most vibrant autumn yet.

Come on in and glow. 

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