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Turmeric Lifekind – Inside the Box

Turmeric Lifekind is a super concentrated combination of nature’s best and most powerful protectors. Let’s find out what’s inside each box of Turmeric Lifekind…


In India, turmeric is known as ‘Kanchani’ which means ‘golden goddess’. The natural essential oils and a key medicinal constituent known as curcumin are the components responsible for many of turmeric’s fantastic properties and for making its root bright yellow. Using a unique method of wholistic extraction, Pukka extracts much more of turmeric’s goodness, creating a truly ‘whole-istic’ representation of this vibrant root’s potential. Pukka’s turmeric is grown to Fair for Life standards providing a guarantee that the farmers in Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra where it is wild-harvested have been paid fairly for their work and the harvest is protected for future generations.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil, also called tulsi, is highly revered throughout India making it quite literally ‘holy’. It has been used in religious ceremonies for centuries to raise the spirits and cheer the soul. It is believed to bring one closer to enlightenment, enhancing clarity. The Pukka farmers respect this herb to such a degree that they take their shoes off before they enter into the field. You may also see shrines to this plant outside Indian villages as it is representative of the Indian God of Wellbeing, Vishnu.

Green Tea

Green tea is ‘green’ because it’s picked fresh and dried before the leaves oxidise, preserving their vitality and goodness. By drying the leaves quickly, the green tea has a lighter flavour yet stronger potency than black tea. It is also packed full of chlorophyll, the light capturing pigment found in plants that provide the plant with its energy and nutrition. By consuming these plants, we too gain benefit from them. Pukka green tea is handpicked from wild green tea trees found across Vietnam, China and Korea.

Gotu Kola

The shape of Gotu Kola leaf is said to resemble the human brain and has been used for centuries to feed our consciousness. It is a true representation of an age-old herbal tradition and known as the ‘doctrine of signatures’ where the shape, smell, taste and feel of a plant can give you clues as to its true potential.


Amla, Indian gooseberry, has a number of different names; one is ‘dhatri’ meaning ‘mother’ or ‘nurse’, reflecting the nurturing properties of the plant and why it is a vital component of so many Pukka supplements. It’s literally bursting with Vitamin C and other protective plant components that help protect the plant and, in turn, us from damage.


Rosemary is a fragrant herb that has been used as a part of healthy diets for centuries and is known as the ‘herb of remembrance’ because it’s so good at keeping our marbles intact. Traditionally rosemary was used in remembrance ceremonies to keep our memories alive, quite literally.


Licorice is sweet, earthy and grounding used to perfectly harmonise a herbal blend. Licorice is one of the few herbs in Ayurveda that balances all three dosha. It will naturally bring harmony and balance to any formula within which it is added. Pukka Licorice is grown in Kazakstan and Spain and forms part of a Fair for Life co-operative, where the farmers can use profit from farming this sweet herb to fund various community projects.


Bilberries are a close cousin of the blueberry. These berries are small but mighty; they help our body to absorb essential vitamins and minerals and are a great source of nutritional protection.

Aloe Vera

At Pukka, we use just the inner gel of the plant which is packed full of nourishing polysaccharides. We don’t use any synthetic preservatives, keeping it tasting fresh and delicious. Aloe Vera is used in Ayurveda as a ‘carrier’. It improves bioavailability in the gut and is a very penetrative herb, helping other plant material to get to its destination. Pukka Aloe Vera is grown in Mexico in dry and desert like conditions. The fact it is able to survive such harsh conditions really reflects this plant’s capabilities to adapt to what the body needs.


This hot and spicy root is grown all over the tropical world. We grow ours in India where it basks in the sunshine capturing all its wonderfully warming and stimulating energy. At Pukka, ginger is one of our most popular herbs, bringing warmth and invigorating energy to a range of teas and supplements.

So there you have: a unique combination of our most potent botanical concentrates to drive nourishment and enrichment to help bring all your senses alive.

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